Annual Report 2018

Top Eight Highlights

Financial Summary

The overview reflects an unaudited financial summary for the 2018 fiscal year.

Operating Revenue

Government Grants and Contracts* ($28,704,780) 50%
Medicaid & Medicare ($19,900,723) 35%
Private Grants and Contracts ($3,922,694) 7%
Fundraising and Special Events ($1,510,449) 3%
Program Fees / Other ($1,941,977) 3%
United Way ($1,723,113) 3%

Total Operating Revenue: $57,703,736

*Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Expenses by Program

Mental Health Services ($29,450,621) 51%
Pharmacy for Mental Health ($10,288,504) 18%
Child Abuse Services ($9,624,688) 17%
Children's Mental Health Services ($3,834,886) 7%
Early Childhood Family Support ($3,399,645) 6%
Counseling and Education Services ($1,105,391) 2%

Total Expenses: $57,703,736

Annual Contributions and Gifts

On behalf of more than 120,000 lives changes in 2018, thank you for your generous support of Family & Children’s Services.

Providing the highest quality of behavioral healthcare and family services was only made possible through the support of our corporate partners, foundation friends and individual supporters.

George Kaiser Family Foundation
Sarah and John Graves
Helmerich Trust
The Herman Kaiser Foundation
Ruth Nelson and Thomas Murphy
Tulsa Area United Way

A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
The Common Bond Foundation
Coretz Family Foundation
Ida McFarlin Memorial Trust
The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation
Ruth Nelson Family Foundation
The William K. Warren Foundation

Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc.
Flint Family Foundation
Bette and Mike Graves
Inasmuch Foundation
The Robinson Foundation
William S. Smith Charitable Trust

Edward E. and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation
Hardesty Family Foundation
Miranda and Philip Kaiser
Osage Nation
Sanford and Irene Burnstein Foundation
SemGroup Corporation
Jill and Bob Thomas

Airco Services
Bank of America
Bank of Oklahoma
Krista and Charlie Bendana
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Carl C. Anderson, Sr. and Marie Jo Anderson Foundation
Pam and Terry Carter
Erin and Don Chappel
Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation
Cherokee Nation
Cimarex Energy Co.
Cox Communications
Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers
GlobalHealth Holdings
Bette and Mike Graves

Graves McLain
Amelia and Jeff Hutsell
John W. & Jerry E. Marshall Foundation
Joseph and Virginia Dibert Foundation
The Mary K. Chapman Foundation
The Mervin Bovaird Foundation
Chris Murphy
Tina and Lance Parkhill
QuikTrip Corporation
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
Renee F. Neuwald Foundation Fund
Sarkeys Foundation
Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
Tecolote Energy
Jill and Bob Thomas
Stacey and Steve Wyett

Monica and Tyler Auschwitz
Barnes Law
Big Lots Foundation
Case and Elfreda Zandbergen Foundation
Chickasaw Nation
Cox Charities
Kathy Craft
Crestwood Midstream Partners
Explorer Pipeline
EyeCare Associates of Tulsa
Firstar Bank
Frank S. and Julia M. Ladner Family Foundation
Fritz Baily Architects
The Gelvin Foundation
Grand Bank
Madison and Garrett Graves
Hall Estill

Sharon Hart
Mary and James Hess
House Law Office
HUB International Mid-America
J.D. Young
Jack Allen Family Education Foundation
James and Susannah Adelson Family Fund
Kathleen Koljack
Gail and Les Lapidus
Hayli and Adam Leavitt
Fred Lewis
Lillian S. Baker Charitable Trust
Lee Lobeck-Marks and David Marks
LVD Charitable Trust
Magellan Midstream Partners
Maurine P. Martin Charitable Trust
McDaniel Technical Services, Inc.
McNellie’s Group
Cathy and Ryan Medico
Merkel Family Foundation

MidFirst Bank
Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial
Mongoose Energy
Donna and Gil Morris
Nadel & Gussman Energy Fund
Oklahoma Bar Foundation
Openness Foundation
Tammy and Phill Paul
Holly and Andrew Ryan
Sallinger Family Fund
Security Bank
Lauren and Dave Sherry
Southpaw Sports Consulting
Kathryn Thomas
Total Medical Personnel Staffing
U.S. Pioneer
Kayla and Scott Vaughn
Zarrow Families Foundation

Steve Aberson and Brent Ortolani
Accent Realtors
Eve and Mark Adams
Maria and Brandon Anthamatten
Carol and Iftikhar Anwar
B-Sew Inn
Julia and Joseph Back
Amie and Matt Bacon
Teloris and Ted Baily
Bama Foods
Bank of Grand Lake
Richard Barney
Blue Sky Bank
BlueStone Natural Resources
Jan and Eric Bohne
Katherine and Carl Bracy
Brainerd Chemical
Ashley Bray
Linda and David Broach
Robert Brock
Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels
Marla and Josh Bryan
Brittany and Austin Buerge
Lisa and Dennis Cameron
Pam and Terry Carter
Frances and Kevin Cavanah
Daniel Christner
William Clark
Bryan Close
Miramar and Rick Cohn
Carey and Mike Cole
Commerce Bank
Conner & Winters, LLP
Mollie and J.W. Craft
Jill and Shawn Crisp
The Cuesta Foundation
Syndia and Bill Cupps
Curry Family Foundation
D&L Oil Tools
David and Sophie Rubin Foundation
Jeff Dorsey
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nose & Throat, Inc.
Barbara and Ken Etheredge
Kara and Andrew Field
Melanie and Lonny Fields
Fleet Feet Sports
Lauralee Fortin
Anne and Chris Foster
Mary and Larry Fox
Allie and Tyler Frakes
The Fulton and Susie Collins Foundation
Gas Tech
GE Foundation

Terry and Joe Gilbert
Golden Eagle Frederal Credit Union
Gay and Barry Golsen
Sarah and Tim Gould
Stephania and Brian Grober
Kristie and Roy Grossman
Dana and Trent Gudgel
Laura and Trent Hamilton
Jennifer Graves-Hamm and Chris Hamm
Lindsey and Isaac Helmerich
Peggy Helmerich
JP Hewitt
David Hogan
HoganTaylor LLP
Hope Unitarian Church
Dr. Michael Hubner
Paula and Rick Huck
Amelia and Jeff Hutsell
Indian Health Care Resource Center
Jackie Cooper Imports
Jackson Technical
Kelly and Tony James
Jet Linx Tulsa
John and Elizabeth Stambaugh Foundation
Debbie and Bruce Jones
Jennifer Hess and Aaron Kesler
Kathryn Kindell
Jenny and Doug Kinzie
Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions
Hayden Kiser
KKT Architects
Hannah and Wink Kopczynski
Fred Laeger
Dedra and Seth Lapidus
Laredo Petroleum
Hayli and Adam Leavitt
Mary Lhevine and George Schnetzer
Trish and Richard Lieser
M Parker Properties
Brooke and Sean Mahan
Laura and Max Mantooth
Christine Marsh
Matrix Service Company
Claire and Hunter Mattocks
Ryan McDaniel
Philip McGowan
Meshri Family Foundation
Mechelle and Tony Meyer
Emily and Jason Moreau
Ellis and Mike Morris
Morse & Co.
Angie and Bob Muir
Eileen and Buford Nash
Candace and Jeremy Nees
Jamie and Greg Oliphant
EJ Oppenheimer
The Oxley Foundation
White Party
Mary Beth and Dan Pasque
Mandy Patterson
Susan and Steve Pattison

Peace, Love and Cookies
Pray Walker
Glenda and Don Puett
Sandra and Alexander Quince
Pat and Lorri Quinn
R.L. Hudson & Company
Ellen Ralph
RAM Energy, LLC
Alan Ramseyer
Diane and John Randolph
Rachel and Tim Ray
Rebellion Energy
Denise and John Redmond
Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation
Hamel Reinmiller
Renaissance Hardwood Floors
RGF Family Fund
Sara and Josh Rich
Faye and Marvin Robinowitz
Jenny and Josh Roby
Jolene Sanditen
Mary Lhevine and George Schnetzer
Kristin and Kurt Seifried
Dawn and Justin Sheets
Heather and Rob Sher
Heather and Rob Sher
Cheri and Jim Sieck
The Silver Needle
Patricia and Don Smith
Flory Sparks
Spherion Staffing Services
Statewide General Agency
Stava Building Corporation
Patty and Craig Steen
Lisa and Vern Stefanic
Swanson Law Firm
Carol and Lee Swarthout
Rachel and Jim Tarantola
Susan and Bill Thomas
Erin and Shannon Thompson
Titanuim Exploration Partners
TMA Systems
Trust Company of Oklahoma
Tulsa Area Music Teachers Assn.
Tulsa Drillers
Valley National Bank
Tracey and Patrick Volak
Joey Wignarajah
Carrie and Carley Williams
Monica Williford
Brenda and Pat Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Bailey and Stephen Wolff
WPX Energy
Erika and Kent Wyatt
Xcaliber International
Phyllis and Stephen Zeligson

Hocine AitAkli
Julie and Phil Allen
Nancy and Les Austin
Marianne and Jon Ballard
Rick Bennett
Cathy and John Benzinger
Kathleen McKeown and Gary Betow
Pam Bewley
Trava Bigley
Lauri and Steve Blesch
Norman Bryant
Pat Chernicky
Clayman Family Fund
Susan and David Clifton
Kate Cofer
Commercial Title & Escrow Services
Community Baptist Church
James Consedine
Jennifer and Craig Cooper
Leslie and Toby Cotton
Dana and Rex Crumpton
Stacey and James Curtis
Jana Dalke
The Dolphin Fine Linens
Laura Dorwart
Nancy and Mike Dubriwny
JR Due
The Dunitz Family Charitable Foundation
Patty and Len Eaton
Martha and Jeff Endsley
The Farm Shopping Center
Meredith and Payvand Fazel
Fellowship Lutheran Church
Mary and Roy Ferguson
First Baptist Church North Tulsa
First Pryority Bank
Sandra and Warren Gandall
Lou Ann and David Gibson

Cindy Giddings
Bonnie and David Gilbert
Katie and Brandon Hackett
Katrine and Ramez Hakim
Mary and Dean Hatch
Tom Havenstrite
Beth and Hunt Hawkins
Jessica and Tim Helms
Jessica and Tim Helms
Amy and David Herrold
Nancy and James Hicks
Hicks Brunson Eyewear
Becky and Jim Holloman
Terry and Carl Hudgins
Vicki and David Hunt
Sanjeev Jain
Sarah Colpitts and David Karimian
Dana and Larry Lebold
Mary and Scott Lewis
Rebecca Lewis
Lisa F. Lazarus Charitable Fund
The Lolly Garden
Rene and Phillip Maloney
Terry and Andy Marcum
Kelby and Todd Martin
Gwen Mathewson
Rhonda and Greg Miller
Joe Mills
Melissa and Navid Mirsaeidi
Kendra Morrison
Kristin Balaban and Shaun Murray
Megan and Elliot Nelson
Gail and Russ Newman
Sam Owens
Frances Pace
Danielle and Matthew Patterson
Sarah and Jay Phoenix
Gloria Pollok
Aaron Post

Ann and Rob Ramseyer
Mary and Ron Ray
Sara and Josh Rich
Shannon and Eric Richards
Dr. Jim Rodgers
CB Rowan
Beth and Robert Sachse
Jenelle Schatz
Michael Schooley
Brenda Self
Charlsie and Denton Smith
Myrna and Michael Smith
The Sneed Foundation
Ronda and John Spears
SR Hughes
Dawne and Rob Stafford
Dawne and Rob Stafford
Grady Stephens
Patty and Bob Stuart
Susan Sadler Fine Jewelry Design
Lyndsey and Clint Swanson
Jared Taylor
Lynne Taylor and Keith Clingman
Richard Teubner
Lisa Thompson and Paul Baures
Sheri and Lynn Tomlinson
Barbara and Ed Townsend
Utica Square
Viravinyasa Yoga School
Alison and Eric Wade
Barbara Walker
Melanie Warren
Carolyn and Doug Watts
Cathy and Bradley Welsh
Scot Williams
Josephine Winter
Diana and Milt Wolff
Jennifer Wood
Linda and Richard Young
The Zero Card

1st Step Male Diversion Program
Casey Allen
Lauren and Jamie Allen
Lynne Anthony
Becky and Dolin Argo
Bill Major and Robert Babcock
Laura and Bill Bailey
Marianne and Jon Ballard
Marilynn and Mike Bartel
Be Love Yoga Studio
Jenny and Jeremy Belford
Lindsay and Jason Bennefield
Marge Betley Weber and Greg Weber
Michelle and Ross Bishop
Lindsay and Ryan Bivin
Ashley Bode
Nancy and Larry Born
Lindsey and Matt Bristow
Alexandra and Cody Bromley
Amy Brown
Kelley and Jeremy Bryan
Nichole Bryant
Byron Burke
Karen and Tom Burke
Carly and Jonathan Bush
Laura Cameron
Cailean Carlberg
Pam and Bob Cass
Nicole Castellese
Debbie Chastain
Amanda Clinton
Alison and Justin Close
Tara Coe
Pat and Alan Conger
Raney and Joe Cooper
Audrey and Daniel Corbett
Felicia and Peter Correia
Kim Cronin
Ashley and Brad Cunningham
Paige and Angelo Cuzalina
Eric Danklefsen
Cindy Davis
Monica and Ryan Davis
Laura Dawes
Carrie Deweese
I.V. Dickson
Preston Doerflinger
Kim Doner
Erica Dorwart
Dalton Downing
Matt Drouhard
Shawna and Gil Eacret
Lorinda Elizando
Monece and Phil Eller
Dale Ellis
Justin Emami
Erbacher Family, LLC
Ida and TD Eureste
Evolution Foundation
Blake Feamster
Carissa and Bubba Fernandez

Jim Ferrell
Terri and Bill Fikes
Leia Christophersen-Fleury and David Fleury
Pat Freemyer
Bailey Fryer
James Gibbard
Stacy and Paul Gill
Anne and Clint Gillingham
Jessica Gledhill
Shana and Aaron Goins
Ginny Graham
Kelly and Charles Greenough
Toni Griffey
Meredith Grossi and Cassidy Begnoche
Noel and John Groves
Sarah and Jesse Guardiola
Rachel Gusman and David Zepeda
Andrew Gustafson
Ann and Larry Harral
Tara and Andrew Havens
Sherri Hays
Jackie and Jim Headrick
Janet and David Hicks
Debbie Hinch
Kelly and Robert Hines
Kim and James Hix
Christa and Brian Hobbs
Mark Horton
Carrie and Jay House
Mary Huckabee
Alana Hughes
Jillian and Will Ihloff
Judy and John Ingraham
Island Nation
Ashley and Olaf Jarochowski
Ronnie Jobe
Kimberly and Kerry Joyce
JTR Restaurant Group
Kendra Scott
Jacob Kilian
Tana and Steven Killman
Kiwanitas Club of Tulsa
Julie Knauer and Elise Bernard
Ravi Kode
Kathy LaFortune and Bill LaFortune
Jean-Maria Langley and Dan Langley
Susan and Marcus Lemon
Lewis Avenue Church of God of Prophecy
Wendy and Mike Lissau
Lokal Apparel
Angela and Andrew Lucas
Carol and Carlisle Mabrey
Ellen and Carlisle Mabrey
Marjory P. Hooker Trust
Cindy Marshall
Cheryl and Matt Martin
Mariena and Scott Martin
Tiffany Martin
Alexandra and Michael Masters
Matrix PDM Engineering

Jamie Mayes
Kim and Jim McCoy
Cindie and Aaron Milford
Rick Miller
Shelia Miller
Heidi and Alan Milligan
Karen and Steve Mitchell
Matthew Moreland
Melanie and Drew Morgan
Sarah and Colin Morgan
Stevie and Brett Myers
Jennifer Nightengale
Stacy Nyikos and Rainer Kohrs
Jeff Oldham
Tina and Lance Parkhill
Kim and Scott Pearson
Valerie and Steven Perry
Jennifer Peterson
Susan Peterson
Anne Pilkington
Megan and Andrew Polly
Kelly and Jeff Polson
Michelle and Russell Ramzel
Ronald and Myra Jeffris Fund
Christine and Dwayne Rury
James Sage
Scott Sandblom
Valerie Sanders
Lisa Patterson and Pete Schultze
Bobby Scott
Kim and Toby Scrivner
Lauren and Dave Sherry
Brian Shore
Mteesa Shouse
Sidney W. and Mary Lieberman Fund
Jennifer Skaggs
Heather Skeith
Shanese and Clay Slaton
Andrea and Sean Smith
Myrna and Michael Smith
Carolyn and Jim Snively
James Speegle
Lori and Rob Stevens
Robert Stewart
Sarah and Grant Stewart
Nikki and Logan Stricklin
Tanner Sturm
John Sullivan
Erin and Matt Summersgill
Micah and Spencer Sutherland
Christy Thames and Dustin Thames
Laura and Robert Thomas
Cassie and Evan Tipton
Becky and Bill Warnock
Chrystal and Brandon Webb
Sarah West
Diane and David White
Shannon Wiley
Madeleine Wille
Jill and David Young

Pat and John Adams
Natalie and Mike Adams
Lori Ahlert
Diane Allen
Suzanne and Roger Ames
Melanie and Lex Anderson
Ellen and William Anderson
Jennifer and Matt Arkison
Mica Arnett
Thomas Arnold
Mary Athens
Stefanie and Tom Atherton
Nancy and Les Austin
B-Sew Inn – OKC
Kathi Baab
Kathleen Baab
Jacqui Back
Marcia and Steve Baker
Lindsay Barbour
Amy and Ceth Barnett
Kami Barton
Aaron Bean
Meredith Grossi and Cassidy Begnoche
Staci and Brett Benton
Debbie Smith Berlin and Steve Berlin
Tiffini and Todd Berman
Germain Betances
Mickie and Alan Bingham
Mary Beth and Daniel Blaho
Lauren and Glen Blake
Patty Hipsher and David Blatt
Pat and Mel Bloomfield
Jeanne and William Boedeker
Katie Bollinger
Kellynn Brack
Gail and Tom Branch
Elise and Terry Brennan
Sharon Briceland
Jackie and Chris Briscoe
Jenna and Robert Bromley
Kingsley Brown
Carol and William Burnett
Lillian Burns
Shawna and Jason Burroughs
Therese Buthod and Randy Stell
Susan and G.T. Bynum
Tricia Cadenhead and Steve Broussard
Mary Camp
Matt Campbell
James Caputo
Kathy Carleton
Amanda Caseboldt
Monica and Harry Champ
Michael Chandler
Chelsea Gallery
Leia Christophersen-Fleury and David Fleury
Christa Clancy
Michele Clancy
Brooke and Daniel Clark
Martha King Clark and Steve Clark
Courtney and Andrew Coffey
Miramar and Rick Cohn
Carey and Mike Cole
Kathy and Ron Collins
Beth Condon
Susan and Chris Conn
Callie Cooper
Cynthia Cooper
Marla Cooper
Mary and Frank Cooper
Grant Coston
Karissa and Darren Cottom
Megan and John Courtney
Kathy and Steve Crabtree
Missy and Wes Cyrus
Marcy and Michael Cyter
Ashley Davidson
Shane Davis
Ashley and John Day
Robyn Devore
Susan Dittrich
Howard Doak
Erin Donovan
Mary Lou and Chip Doudican
Josie and Tim Driskill
Judi Drum
Lauran Drummond
Nancy and Mike Dubriwny
Donna and Gary Dundee
Stacey and Andy Dunn
Liz and Will Eagleton
Tracy Earls
Jill and Steve Easley
Shelia and David Ellis
Deirdre and Tim Epperley
Sarah and Luke Erbacher
Whitney and Dan Eslicker
DeWayne Fabor
Terry and Mike Fenner
Mark Fiegener
Cynthia and Lawrence Field
Scott Finley
Ashley Flores
Sara and Duncan Fourie
Sara and Jeff Fox
Katherine and Lynn Frame
Gary Frasier
Dee and Matt Fulghum
Terri Fuller
Eddie Galotta
GAP Foundation
Paige Garcia
Amy Gerald and Jason Wood
Mea and Blake Geubelle
Jennifer Gibbens
Kelly and James Gibson
Sabrina Gicaletto
Anne and Clint Gillingham
Belinda and Neil Gilpin
Marissa and Ryan Gorman
Angie and Joe Gottron
Jack Graham
Grand Oil & Gas
Abby and Adam Graves
Carrie and Dennis Grote
Sergey Grushetskiy

Lars Gwartney
J.D. Haack
Brooke and Nathaniel Hale
Kyra and Wayne Hamilton
Will Hanner
Sherry and Frank Hansen
Mariena Hargrave
Gabrielle and Steve Harmening
Toquyen Harrell
Nick Harris
Shyla and Walter Harris
Laura Harvell
Scott and Roberta Haus
Brooke and Stuart Hawley
Susie Hentschel
Melissa Higgins
Chad Hight
Christa Hobbs
Laura and Jeffrey Hockett
Sarah Hodgens
Mark Hogan
Audra Holmes
Charlene Hoover
Carrie and Jay House
Dena Hudson
Jason Hudson
Therese and Howard Hull
Julie Hunter
Elizabeth and Brian Inbody
Ashley and Tim Jackson
Jo Lynn and David Jeter
Joan Ruth Green Revocable Trust
Randa and Michael Johnson
Cheryl Jones
Fran Jones
Joshua Jones
Kimberly and Kerry Joyce
Piper Kacere
Linda and Mike Kaiser
Kelly and Jeff Kendall
Jean and James Kerlin
Angel and Kendall Key
Kathy and Ron Key
Jam Khojasteh
Sharon King Davis
Nicole and Braedon Kruse
Dana and Patrick Kuehn
Barbara Lacey
Brandy and Greg Laird
Sonja Langlee
Regina Linder and Keith Lapidus
Jay and Ed Lawson
Danielle Lee
Susan and Marcus Lemon
Nancy Lemons
Mark Lewellen
Hillary and Larry Lieberman
JDana and Tom Lindley
Carrie Lindsay
Justin Lord
Michael Lussier
Melissa Lynn
Lisa Mabrey-Hiser and Bob Hiser
Wendy Macha
Alan Madewell
Julie March
Jason Martin
Candice Matthews
Sue and John Maxwell
Jennifer and Stan May
Hollie and Chuck Mayfield
Sherri Mayo
Pat and Sam McCall
Katie McConnell
Nicole and Dustin McDaniel
Alan McDowell
Mary McGraw
Libby McNamara
Mary McNamara
Candace McNeese
Jennifer McPhail
Kelly and John Metcalf
Karen and Bill Miller
David Miller
Ryean Miller
Amy and Dale Mills
Karen and Avi Mintz
Modern Mess
Jana Monforte
Paula and Lynn Moore
Brittany Mott
Kelly and Justin Munn
Bill Musseman
Jeff Myers
Sally and John Neas
Andra and Roy Nelson
Nancy and Don Nelson
Nancy Nelson
Shelley and Randy Nelson
Rhi Nutt
Jennifer Oakley
The Oaks Country Club
Oklahoma Central Credit Union
Tammy Olsen
Jennifer Ottaviani
Trisha Parks
Emilie and Darren Parsons
Darshan Patel
Gia and Manish Patel
Ken Patterson
June Patton
Chris Paulter
Amy and Greg Peters
Gail Phillipo
Aubrey Poindexter
Charity Pollak
Liz and Mark Poole
Pat and Stan Powers
Bonnie Presley
Megan and Joe Quickle
Angela and Kevin Quigg
Caroline Crabtree and Gary Quiggle
Emily Quinton
Frauke and Oscar Quiroga
R Vance Hall Revocable Trust

Stephanie and Scott Rainwater
Margaret Redwine
Erin and James Reed
Linda Reid
Louise Reid
Donna and Mitchell Rhyne
Gail and Kip Richards
Luke Richert
Leca Rickner
Lori and DJ Riner
Erin and Tim Roberts
Vanessa Rogers
Debbie Rooney
Ashley Ryan
Brian Ryherd
Susan Sadler
Eric Sanders
Rusty Sanders
Martha Scales
Walter Schoen
Jacque and Eric Scholl
Lori and Doug Schram
Kenna and Tyson Schwerdtfeger
Amy and Jon Scoggins
Shirley and Robert Scott
Andrea and Eric Selby
Carly and John Senger
Nancy and Richard Sevenoaks
Heidi and Sean Shadid
Nancy and George Shahadi
Harriet and Michael Shaw
Terrie and Blake Shipley
Melissa and Chris Siemens
Michelle Singer
Laura and Brian Singleton
Laura Singleton
Amy Smith
Casey and Jay Smith
Charlsie and Denton Smith
Le Ila Smith
Susan Smith
Shelta Sneed
Elizabeth and Ronnie Sontag
Nancy and Henry Sossin
Matt Sparkman
Tamra Spence
Alesia Spradlin
Chris St. Clair
Deena Stacy and Stan Stacy
Alice and Charles Stanford
Stash Apparel and Gifts
Willa and Tony Steelman
Melissa Stickels
Paxton Stieber
Susie and Pete Stonis
John Stowe
Nancy Stutsman
Marilyn Sulivant
Superior Overhead Door
Suzanne Mordhorst Revocable Trust
Caroline Sykes
Carol Tandy
Melissa and Rob Taylor
Teeter Family Trust
Terry Rinner Insurance Agency
Jennifer and Kyley Tetley
Deb and Martin Thalken
Christy Thames and Dustin Thames
David Thom
Debra and Harley Thomas
Susan and Bill Thomas
Amy and Whit Todd
Annie Tomecek
Joe Truesdell
Marilyn Tschida
Ami and Byron Tucker
Kristy and Jake Tudor
Tulsa Parrot Head Club
UBS Financial Services
Debbie Underkoffler
Franklin Van Beckum
Ed Van Eman
Kathy and Arlin Vancuren
Valerie Vaughn
Jose Vega
Cherie and Kevin Veit
Tiffany Villarreal
Ruth and Bruce Waits
Brady Walker
Dawn and Ron Walker
Sydney and Zach Walker
Brandy and Patrick Wandres
Meredith Davison and Richard Wansley
Karen Ward
Nicolle and Clinton Warren
Amy and Carey Waters
Lorraine Watson
Carolyn and David Watts
Kathy and Jeff Weaver
Katie and Matt Webb
Jean Weber
Kylie Wells
Josh Westerman
Diane and David White
Sherri and Mark White
Katie and Jacob Wilhoit
Carey Wilkins
Kathy Williams
Alma and Len Williams
Marydith and Paul Williams
Janet and Phil Wilson
Beth and Robert Winchester
Nancy and Andrew Wolov
Jessica Woollard
Kasmira Workman
Steve Wright
Angela and Matt Wrobleski
Leslie Yardy
Jaime and Jason Yelle
Natalie and Austin Zellner
Jane Zemel
Andrea and Kevin Zerman
Bette Zimmerman
Chera Zoellner and Chuck Zoellner
Crystal Zuniga

Cindy Acton
Carol and Richard Aggers
Amazon Smile
Terri and Gary Amstutz
Drew Anderssen
Sue and Charley Archambo
Clara Ard
Cindy Austin
Dylan Bachlor
Caroline Back
Citlally and Sandro Baggiani
Rhonda Baker
Sandra and Randy Bane
Cindy and Bob Barczak
Kent Barnes
Krista Barnes
Darryl Baskin
Bob Beard
Steven Beard
Kristin Bearden
Diana Becerra Kroll
Lindsey Beeghly
Sydney Belmonte
Matt Bennett
Brennan and Rex Berg
Vivian Bergamo
Cynthia Berkland
Elizabeth and Chris Bernard
John Bizjack
Pam and Jim Bloomfield
Vicki Bonham
Megan Bookout
Pamela and Scott Bradley
Judy and Ronald Bradley
Ken Brenkman
Scott Brewer
Rita Bridenstine
Phillip Brooks
Allison Broyles
Katie Bullock
Andy Cagle
LeAnn Callihan
Colleen and Jake Calvani
Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Carper
Ashley Carver
Becky Chandler
Iris Chandler
Jackie Chapman
Jason Christ
Citizens State Bank
Shannon Clark
Valarie Collins Harding
Shelley and Thomas Cooper
Kayla Costner Morris
Aletha and Bruce Currie
Brittany and Devin Currier
Rachel Curtis
Stacey and James Curtis
Charlotte and Marshall Dann
Cyndia and Kenneth Dasher
JD Davis
Lorae Davis
Rachel and Seth Dazey
Vikki Dearing
Beth Dee
Genevieve Deely
Diana DeFelice
Liza and Chris DeGarmo
Tosha Depew
Gayle Derington
Ellen and Tyler Devereux
Julia Dixon
Stephen Dory
DeVon Douglass
Cindy and Albert Drake
Jennifer Drouillard
April Dugger
Colin Eakes
Victoria Eller
Cassie and Damon Ellis
Farrah Ennis
Deirdre and Tim Epperley
Seth Erkenbeck
Ryan Featherston
Emily and Kelly Flagg
Jacqueline Flynn
Ashley and George Foldesy
Katie Foster
Greta Frost
Ed Gaskin
Margaret and Stephen Gayle

Donna Giles
Gary Goldberg
Annabella Gonzalez
Craig Goolsby
Tiffany Green
Ivy and Brad Griffey
Chris Griffin
Marcene Groepper
Melanie Gromov
Susan and Neely Hall
Jackie Hanna
Dee and Kurt Harris
Amalia Hawkins
Gabe Hayes
Jessica Hayes
Brandie Herren
Tommi Rae and Matt Hilton
Fay Hoots
Charlotte and David Howett
Melissa Howk
Caleb Jackson
Julie James
Jay Jamison
Kristen Janes
Rachel and Ben Jaudon
Joanna Jeffries
Liz and Jordan Jenkins
Lindee and Dustin Johnson
Hannah Johnson
The K Foundation
Marge and Dave Kauffman
Karen Keesee
Virginia Keith
Mary Kell
Chelsea and Cory Kester
Laura and Evan Key
Mary Katherine Kindred
Abbey Kipper
Karie Kluesner
Patty Koelling
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Gaby and Taylor Lagorin
Brian Lambert
Lydia Lapidus
Randy Lara
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Patricia and Jesse Marcos
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Holly and Chip Meade
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Connie and Aaron Nance
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Oklahomans for Equality
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The STEMcell Science Shop
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Maggie and Ronnie Tunnell
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B’Nai Emunah Preschool
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Heather Day
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Jennie Dexter
Michelle Dickason
Linda Dilley
Shari and Craig Dolinsky
Shaleen Dorsey
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Jelisa Drew
Nancy and Mike Dubriwny
Nina Dunahay
Janet Dundee and Jeff Darby
Harriet and Scott Dunitz
Suzan Dunn
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Jara Herron Salon and Medical Spa
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Kilkenny’s Irish Pub
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Donna Lavery
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Mary’s Italian Trattoria
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Olive Garden – Utica Square
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Pardon My French
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Caitlin and Robert Postlewait
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Republic National Distributing Company
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