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SafeCare® Home-Based Parenting

Are you or someone you know overburdened caring for children ages 0-5?

Through F&CS’s SafeCare® home-based services, parents and caregivers receive training and support to ensure children’s safety and well-being. 


SafeCare® is an evidence-based skills training program for caregivers of children under the age of 5.

As a SafeCare® provider, F&CS focuses on three key outcomes that are universally important for families:

  • Creating positive relationships between caregivers and their children,
  • Ensuring homes are safe to reduce the risk of child unintentional injury,
  • Keeping children as healthy as possible.


F&CS family preservation specialists help support and strengthen your family. We teach you how to improve your home safety skills, the health of your child and parent-child interactions with the goal of reducing stress, assessing your child’s needs and increasing positive parenting experiences. 

  • HEALTH: Learn how to keep your children at their healthiest. Our family preservation specialists “role play” various health-related scenarios so you know when to treat your child at home, see a doctor or head to the emergency room. We also provide you with basic health supplies such as a thermometer, medicine dropper and first-aid kit.
  • HOME SAFETY: Through home evaluations, we help you identify common household hazards and make them inaccessible to your children. We also help develop the skills needed to prevent accidents and injuries related to household hazards and provide you with childproofing safety devices.
  • PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION: Discover the importance of engaging your baby or child in stimulating activities that will help them grow and learn. We also help you and your child bond and prevent challenging behaviors as well as teach you activities that will increase your child’s learning.


F&CS specialists provide positive solutions for you and your family. We also help:

  • Reduce parental stress
  • Develop positive parenting skills
  • Understand and ensure child health and safety
  • Enhance parent, infant and child interaction
  • Build child development skills
  • Help manage child behavior
  • Develop life, communication and healthy relationship skills
  • Strengthen the family relationship
  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Learn home maintenance and budgeting skills
  • Access community resources to help get essential needs met
  • Connect to mental health and substance abuse services and treatments
  • Link to educational and job training
  • Find stable housing


F&CS professionals provide weekly, module-based skills training in the family’s home (when possible). Sessions typically run 60 minutes. F&CS work with parents and caregivers until they meet a set of skill-based criteria established for each of the three modules (Health, Safety, Parent-Child/Infant Interaction).

Families in Creek, Mayes, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Osage, Pawnee, Rogers, Tulsa, Wagner and Washington Counties are eligible for these services.

F&CS services also have the added value of the following:

  • INDIVIDUALIZED HELP: While respecting cultural diversity, our specialists use a family-focused, child-centered approach to teach families how to function at their best. We help you build on the knowledge, experience and existing strengths you have as a parent. Together we will set goals to create long-term, positive and permanent changes.
  • FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION: Because positive parenting can make such a difference in the life of a family, we offer a variety of parenting and relationship enhancement classes to parents and couples throughout the year.
  • MOBILE CRISIS SERVICES: For anyone in Tulsa County, F&CS’s COPES provides 24-hour rapid response, stabilization and intervention having thoughts of suicide, harming themselves, hurting others or having feelings of being out of control. Children, teens and adults in crisis are stabilized and linked to ongoing care. For help, call 918.744.4800.

SafeCare Referrals

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