I have struggled with depression, anxiety and ADHD since I can remember. Normally, I can control and manage my mental illnesses. However, the day my husband left my son and I, is the day my world fell apart. I couldn’t function without him. The change was so sudden I did not have time to process this life-altering news. I started neglecting my job, family, friends and even my son. I would retreat to my room and stay there for days. One day, a friend mentioned Family & Children’s Services. I took a long hard look at my current state and realized it was time for a change. My son deserved a mother that was present and nurturing. I began counseling and was put on the correct medications to help manage my illnesses. Family & Children’s Services changed my life. The counseling services helped me process the divorce and all the feelings attached to it. I worked harder to be there for my son, I made sure I was involved in his school work, friends and taking care of him. One of the many great things about Family & Children’s Services is how affordable it is to get help. I was able to get the help I needed on a single parent budget. I am thankful for my friends and family for sticking by my side, for Family & Children’s Services for providing life-changing services and of course, I thank my son most of all for loving me through the hard times.