NAVIGATE is a breakthrough treatment program, provided through Family & Children’s Services, that improves the outcome of early intervention psychosis patients ages 16-30 who have experienced symptoms for less than two years.

Evidence suggests that individuals with first-episode psychosis who are provided care through NAVIGATE experience significant improvements in symptoms and quality of life compared with those receiving usual care. Instead of a medication-heavy therapeutic model, medications are delivered judiciously and combined with social skills, cognitive therapies, family engagement in care and other support.

If providers reach those suffering from these psychotic episodes early, patients can have greatly improved chances of recovery, potentially leading to more fulfilling lives, free from the trauma, fear, alienation and the pain of persistent psychoses.


  • Personalized medication management
  • Family education and involvement
  • Individual resilience training
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Supported education and employment


NAVIGATE’s highly researched treatment protocols can transform an individual’s illness trajectory.

This unique model combines individual psychiatric treatment with therapy that focuses on coping, resilience, guidance, education, and reducing family stress and burden. A supportive employment and education specialist works with each client’s individual needs towards vocational success. A young person’s ability to function is enhanced along with their quality of life.

For more information or to refer a client, call the NAVIGATE hotline at 918.560.2500.