Family & Children’s Services, a 501c(3) organization, is governed by a voluntary board of directors. Board members represent a diverse cross-section of the Tulsa community. Together, they bring to the agency a broad range of skills, knowledge and expertise. A current list of board members can be found at


Leadership Team: Chief Executive Officer – Gail Lapidus, Director of  Professional Services – Claudia Arthrell, Director of Child Abuse and Trauma Services – Christine Marsh, Chief over Children’s Mental Health and Early Childhood Family Support – Whitney Downie, Chief of Adult Mental Health, Medical and Crisis Service – Krista Lewis, Chief of Adult Mental Health Outpatient Services – Jill Young, Exec. Director of Women in Recovery – Mimi Tarrasch, Chief Financial Officer – Jan Dietrich, Chief Human Resources Officer – Alan Bingham, Director of Quality – Angela Boudreaux, Chief Information Officer – Brent Harris, Chief Revenue Cycle Manager – Mary Hydrick, Chief Development and Communications Officer – Marge Betley, Director of Communications – Dee Harris


History: Family & Children’s Services was founded in 1925 as the Family Welfare Society. Over the years, the range of services we provide has expanded, but our commitment to help strengthen families and those in crisis has never wavered.


Mission statement: Family & Children’s Services shall promote, support, enhance and strengthen the development of family life, and the well-being and mental health of families, children and individuals.


Strategic plan goal: To provide premier behavioral health care and family services to all ages using best practices, innovation and excellence in service delivery.


Numbers served: Family & Children’s Services helps change the lives of over 100,00 clients and family members a year (1 in 6 Tulsans). 95% of our clients live at or below federal poverty guidelines.


Services: Family & Children’s Services offers a wide range of services for children and adults. Please visit for details on our various programs. For details on parenting, relationship and other classes, visit


Best-practice, evidence-based programs utilized at Family & Children’s Services include: Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Seeking Safety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological First Aid, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, and Individual, Family, Marital Therapy


Quality performance improvement and treatment outcome measures utilized include: client outcomes, peer review, client deaths (fatal incident review), suicide attempts (self-harm committee) and quality performance reports.


Careers: Family & Children’s Services provides its employees with exceptional clinical and growth opportunities, an unprecedented level of support and generous compensation and benefits. To learn about internships and careers at Family & Children’s Services, visit



Quotes from Gail Lapidus, Chief Executive Officer:


“We restore children’s wellbeing, we strengthen families and we provide recovery opportunities for people with mental illness and substance abuse.”


“Our main investment that we use is all different kinds of training in introducing our professional staff to best practices and hold the bar pretty high, to make sure that anybody who’s coming here knows that they’re going to get the state-of-the-art treatment. That we’re not behind the curve, but we’re a little ahead of the curve.”



Quotes from Claudia Arthrell, Director of Professional Services:


“When I started as a therapist and I was working with families, it was the most amazing experience to really be part of a family, to watch them make changes, to see them recover from sometimes many normal life events, and recover in a way that they were stronger, and they were closer and saw each other with new eyes.”


“If you’re curious and you really want to find a path in this agency, you’ll find it. You’ll never be bored. That’s been probably by best thing is, I am never bored here. There is never a risk of me not learning or me not having a challenge of something that is the next step, and that’s what keeps us alive.”