Two years ago, Isabelle’s* life was out-of-control. The 29-year-old woman refused to take medication to manage her bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Isabelle was estranged from her family and friends, afraid to try new things and angry all the time.

Then, Isabelle decided to make a change and joined the Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PSR) program at Family & Children’s Services.

Through PSR, Isabelle attends group therapy sessions, sees a psychiatrist and gets individualized assistance from support specialists. She’s learned more about her illness, receives help managing her medications and continues to develop interpersonal communication skills. Isabelle’s relationships with her loved ones have improved dramatically.

Once the chaos in her life calmed, Isabelle began looking ahead to the future. PSR specialists helped Isabelle obtain her high school transcripts, complete college applications and apply for financial aid. During her first year of college, Isabelle learned good study skills and received some basic homework help from the PSR team.

With two semesters of college under her belt, Isabelle remains healthy and focused on the future. She hopes one day to become an interpreter for the hearing impaired.


* name changed to protect client’s identity.