Even when cooking eight batches of meth a day, there never seemed to be enough to feed Geana Hill’s addiction. ”I was slowly dying,” she said.

One of Geana’s most shameful moments —an arrest and possible 10-year prison sentence—ended with a life-changing placement in Women in Recovery (WIR), a Family & Children’s Services program operated in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

WIR is an alternative to incarceration for eligible women facing prison sentences for non-violent, drug-related offenses. In the intensive, outpatient program, Geana received treatment for her addiction, employment training, parenting education and other support. She emerged from the program with a new outlook and new skills enabling her to live a productive, drug-free life.

It’s been almost three years since Geana was arrested and nearly two since she completed the WIR program.  Today, she’s studying psychology at TCC so she can be a school counselor — someone kids can turn to instead of turning to drugs, someone she herself never had in her life.

Geana is an amazing mother. She works. Has goals. Loves to learn. She’s in a drug-free relationship for the first time in her life. Most importantly, Geana is determined to make the most of her second chance in life.