Nicole Duncan Employee Page


Nicole Duncan, School-Based Therapist

“Licensure supervision is provided at no cost to employees and is worth about  $7,000. This is an excellent benefit that most employers don’t fully offer. I haven’t taken for granted the privilege in having my supervision at no cost. I also value the ongoing trainings that are offered through Family & Children’s Services for our awareness and skill developments in our service fields.”


Elizabeth Franklin 2


Elizabeth Franklin, Women in Recovery Therapist

I only applied to Family & Children’s Services after I graduated from graduate school because of the reputation Family & Children’s Services has in the community. The caliber of the staff in our program is absolutely incredible.  My co-workers are truly the best in this field. I learn from them on a regular basis and I am encouraged by them every day. My supervisors are so supportive and have really invested in who I am as a therapist. They have helped me become a better therapist and challenge me to be better while also appreciating what I am right now.

Not only do I get 4+weeks of Paid Time Off a year, I also use “flex” time as needed for appointments or personal issues that might arise. My supervisor is very flexible with my personal time and encourages me to take the PTO I have earned so I can stay refreshed and present to do my job.


Crystal Houck


Crystal Houck, Senior Program Manager for Home Studies, Oklahoma Children’s Services and SWIFT Adoption

Over the last 20 yrs I have witnessed families pull themselves out of what seems to be impossible situations and learn new skills in order to raise their children in their home. The help from Family & Children’s Services staff comes at critical times in families’ lives; they get the help from caring and strength based staff who are motivated to be change agents.

I believe Family & Children’s Services has been so successful because we have a well trained and supported staff that are passionate and results focused. I have found Family & Children’s Services to be supportive, solution focused, constantly looking at improving current processes, and you are always encouraged to give 110% everyday.

Families are strengthened and hope is restored. Lives are constantly being changed for the better by Family & Children’s Services staff.”


Heather Langley


Heather Langley, Women in Recovery Employment Specialist

“My program is a prison diversion program for non-violent female offenders. As a result, I see this life changing impact everyday – whether it be a women getting her first job, having an on-site visitation with her children, meeting her therapist for an individual counseling session, or attending a case management group in lieu of serving a prison sentence where she is not getting the therapeutic services needed to get better.

The care and support we give to our clients is genuine and authentic, a feeling that resonates to the staff. I find my team and supervisors are very support and goal centered. They want to know what we can do as a team to ensure both the staff and clients are getting their needs met. This collaboration creates a positive and uplifting work environment.

Not only is Family & Children’s Services highly reputable in the community, the organization shares my passion in providing services to the populations in our community that needs them the most. I knew that by working at Family & Children’s Services I would be able to give back to my community in a positive way that would truly make a difference in people’s lives.”


Lynett Freeland


Lynette Freeland, Mental Health Administrative Assistant

Family & Children’s Services investment in cutting-edge technology is substantial and is most definitely an asset as technology is constantly changing. I think it is great that Family & Children’s Services has invested in a new Electronic Health Record as it will most definitely benefit our staff as well as the clients we serve.

I have been here 10 years and I have had opportunities to go elsewhere but this is where I want to be.


Merrie Knox


Merrie Knox, Women in Recovery Therapist

“Family & Children’s Services  offers such a range of training and is always asking staff if they have any suggestions. I have the highest regard for the training staff here at the agency. I have also worked with other clinical supervisors who made themselves available for any questions or needs I might have. Additionally, I have the privilege of working with the Family Life Education team and enjoy being an instructor for some of our classes like Helping Children Cope with Divorce and Cooperative Co Parenting. That team, and the director, Claudia Arthrell, is also very responsive and strengths based. Those are some of the things I think make my job enjoyable and elevate my skills as a therapist here at Family & Children’s Services.”