Everyone wants to have happy, healthy and stable relationships. What people do in their relationships, especially in romantic relationships, affects their success in every other area of their life, with work, education and child raising.

The Forever. For Real class is now using Within My Reach learning goals which builds on couple participants’ existing strengths and adds critical life and relationship skills to create safer, more stable unions that help heighten the quality of life for the individuals in that relationship as well as their children, including: fostering improved communication, managing expectations, and devoting themselves to a mutual commitment and support.

In this interactive, five-week, workshop, you and/or you and your partner will learn how to:

  • Replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening.
  • Explore sharing fun and satisfying intimate needs by working as a team to nurture and support each other.
  • Practice managing stress and reducing the negative effects of stress on a relationship.
  • Recognizing and communicating issues and expectations, including planning for the future.
  • Investigate the impact that past experiences can have on a couple’s future.
  • Acknowledge long-term satisfaction through the gift of commitment.