The agency is a 501c(3) organization governed by a voluntary board of directors. Board members represent a diverse cross-section of the Tulsa community. Together, they bring to the agency a broad range of skills, knowledge and expertise.


Tina Parkhill, Board President
Joshua Roby, Vice President, Resource Development
Trent A. Gudgel, Vice President, Program Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Risk (PEQAR)
Chris Murphy, Vice President, Finance

Dana Yeatman Baldwin
Gary L. Betow
Carl E. Bracy

Steve Broussard
Don Chappel
Jennifer Cooper
Anne Foster
Sarah B. Graves
Stephania Grober
Rick Huck

Carl Hudgins
Ron Key
Marcus W. Lemon
Gilbert L. Morris
Bob Muir
Stephen Pattison
Sandra Quince
T. Pat Quinn III
Hamel B. Reinmiller
Justin Sheets
Rob Sher
Lauren Sherry
Clint Swanson
Jill Thomas
Kayla Vaughn
Steve Wyett