Family & Children’s Services is on the front line making a difference in our community.

  • We help people through loss, challenging life transitions and times of crisis.
  • We strengthen relationships and families.
  • We preserve and reunify families.
  • We enhance parenting skills.
  • We restore children’s well-being.
  • We teach divorced parents and their children learn to cope.
  • We heal children from the traumatic effects of abuse.
  • We help people recover from mental illness and addiction.
  • We stabilize those suffering from a psychiatric crisis.
  • We prevent suicide.
  • We reduce homelessness.
  • We strengthen coping skills.
  • We provide treatment alternatives to incarceration for non-violent, addicted women.

In other words, we help clients rebound from adversity and live life with a sense of mastery and hope. We change lives!