Diversity and Inclusion – We are committed to promoting a culturally competent staff and ensuring a diverse organizational culture which is inclusive and welcoming to all people.

Excellence – We are committed to excellence. Staff strive to be their best and deliver the highest quality care to all we serve.

Data-Driven – We collect, benchmark and analyze data to drive organizational decisions.

Financial Stewardship – We accept the responsibility of the public trust and hold the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

Integrity and Ethics – We adhere to the highest level of professional standards and code of ethics.

Fun – We like to sprinkle the workday with some fun.

Facility and Environment – We value attractive facilities and intentionally create a warm and welcoming therapeutic environment for clients and staff.

Technology – We are committed to a high technology environment to enhance client services and organizational effectiveness.

Stakeholders – We value the unique contributions of our various stakeholders who invest time, talent and financial resources to the agency.

Dynamic Culture of Cooperation and Communication – We promote an organizational culture where cooperative teamwork and effective communication are paramount.

Strategic and Forward Thinking – As agents of change, we value strategic, future oriented thinking.



Access to Services – We assure rapid access and availability to services and utilize branch locations and co-location with other entities to help underserved populations.

Recovery-Oriented – We focus on recovery, resiliency and wellness while working with clients to define and achieve each individual’s best possible outcome.

Customer Service – We promote a customer service philosophy of accessible, engaging affordable, convenient and quality services.

Community Needs Responsiveness – We respond swiftly to changing demographics and emerging community needs.

Partnerships – We promote strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance service delivery.

Evidence-Based Practices – We are early adopters of evidence-based practices to ensure the highest quality of care.

Compassionate and Confidential – We treat clients with respect and dignity, and uphold privacy and confidentiality.

Strength Based – We build on family and individual personal strengths.

Advocacy – We advocate for clients’ needs, mobilize formal and informal resources and engage in public policy activities.

Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) – We are a results-oriented, continuous improvement organization focusing on quality of care.

Professional Development – We ensure extensive staff development and training opportunities for professional staff and interns.