TULSA, Okla. — Two Family & Children’s Services mental health professionals spoke Thursday during a women’s forum at Circle Cinema.

The event, hosted by the nonprofit journalism effort Oklahoma Watch, included F&CS’ Roxanne Hinther, who directs the Women in Recovery program, and Dr. Nicole Washington, an F&CS staff psychiatrist. Janet Cizek, co-founder and CEO of the Center for Therapeutic Interventions in Tulsa, also spoke at the forum, which tackled the unique mental health issues women face.

Listen to the forum here:


Hinther, a licensed professional counselor and licensed drug and alcohol counselor, is the clinical director of F&CS’ Women in Recovery program, where she has worked since its birth in 2009. Focusing on nonviolent offenses, WIR is a non-incarceration alternative for mothers facing significant prison sentences in Tulsa County.

Washington,  is a staff psychiatrist at F&CS’ CrisisCare Center, a critically needed 24-hour facility providing psychiatric beds and new crisis respite services in Tulsa. Its services include a 3-5 day Crisis Stabilization unit and a 24-hour Crisis Respite unit, both of which accept Medicaid and Medicare patients.

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