The George Kaiser Family Foundation has announced $6.3 million in grants to nearly 80 Tulsa-area agencies, including a $460,000 grant for The Children’s Center at Family & Children’s Services.

The Children’s Center at Family & Children’s Services works tirelessly to assure that every at-risk, underserved child suffering from mental, emotional and behavioral disorders has the opportunity for quality counseling and mental health services. The goals are to improve child well-being, improve overall functioning, reduce problem severity, reduce trauma symptoms and increase hopefulness. The following five programs make up The Children’s Center at Family & Children’s Services:

  •  Children’s Mental Health Clinic: Children who are bullied; have depression, anxiety, poor social skills and self-esteem, problems with self-control and anger; have ADHD; and experience school failure receive high quality, individually tailored treatment. An array of evidence-based services provided in an office setting helps children reduce the severity of their problems, improves day to day functioning and increases hopefulness. Clinical therapists provide:  individual child therapy, play therapy, group therapy, family therapy and anger management services.
  • Children’s School-Based Mental Health: Mental health disorders can significantly affect children’s ability to function in the classroom, both behaviorally and academically. To reduce barriers to care and optimize the likelihood of school success, Family & Children’s Services extends its’ reach into 33 local at-risk schools. Clinical therapists provide individually tailored assessment and treatment services as well as teacher consultation and crisis intervention services to reduce the severity of children’s problems, improve day to day functioning and increase hopefulness.
  •  Child Abuse and Trauma Treatment Services: Children experiencing the devastating traumatic consequences of child abuse, severe neglect and other traumas receive state of the art trauma-informed treatment in a healing environment. Clinical therapists provide three distinct evidence based trauma treatment programs to heal children from their trauma and improve child and family functioning. Clinical therapists provide:  assessment, child therapy, family therapy, play therapy, group therapy, expert witness testimony and court reporting services.
  • Child Psychiatry Services: Children and adolescents with serious mental, emotional and behavioral disorders and who are being treated by an F&CS therapist can get expert help from our Child Psychiatrist. Psychiatric evaluation and differential diagnosis, family consultation, and when indicated, medication services are offered to reduce symptoms, to improve emotional and behavioral stability, to optimize functioning in children with ADHD and to improve school success. A specialized case manager and registered medical assistant assist in optimizing scheduling and access and in meeting family needs.
  •  Children’s Mobile Crisis Services:  Children and teens who feel out of control or have thoughts of suicide or hurting others can get help from our specialized crisis services. Specialized teams conduct telephone risk assessment and, if needed, mobile assessment and intervention to de-escalate the situation, while working to facilitate a safe outcome and linkage to services. As a result, lives are saved and children are diverted from costly hospitalization and detention.

Children are remarkably resilient when they get the help they need. Children and youth thrive when they feel safe and supported. For each child, Family & Children’s Services  help build the skills needed for success in life, family, school and community; thus providing them with the childhood they deserve.


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