[mok-see] noun
1. vigor; verve; pep.
2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve.
3. skill; know-how.

YWCA Tulsa celebrates 100 bold years by honoring 100 extraordinary Tulsa Women with Moxie. In their Centennial year, the YWCA is recognizing 100 trailblazers, hidden heroes and leading ladies. The honorees are women from yesterday and today; they are women from inside and outside the YWCA’s network; they represent a diversity of experience, background, and thought; but they each have made an impact on YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Congratulations to F&CS CEO Gail Lapidus for her recognition as one of the distinguished 100 Women of Moxie.

GL Moxie
Les Lapidus, Lydia Lapidus, Gail Lapidus