We salute 8 year old Liam Workman! His generous spirit and kind heart show us that kids really care. In lieu or presents, this little guy decided that for his 8th birthday he would like to collect donations for Family & Children’s Services. His invitation noted that Family & Children’s Services was in need of preschool toys, formula, diapers, children’s books, coloring books, crayons and HUGS (hats, underwear, gloves and socks). When asked why he chose to give, rather than receive for his birthday, Liam said, “This is for the kids that don’t have anything. I have plenty of things.”

Liam’s mom, Kelly, explained that their family has long supported Family & Children’s Services. “There is such a great need, with so many parents working hard to just to make ends meet. We are teaching Liam the value of giving back, to bless others and give thanks for what we have.”

Liam’s donated presents are stocking the 2014 Family & Children’s Services Santa Shop. If you would like to make the holidays brighter, please contact us.


Liam Bday Gifts

8 year old Liam Workman donated his birthday

presents to Family & Children’s Services Santa Shop.