Since the early 1990′s, Family & Children’s Services has worked diligently with the community to make difficult life transitions easier for families. We recognize that divorce is very common in Oklahoma and can also be incredibly traumatic for parents and kids. We were among the first in the state to offer a class specifically addressing the need to help children cope with this transition, while also supporting parents. We partnered with the courts to ensure that all parents of minor children filing for divorce or custody attend this important class. The class, Helping Children Cope with Divorce (HCCWD), has now served over 85,000 parents in the Tulsa metro area. That’s a staggering number…and even more eye-popping is that number multiplied by the number of children in the care of those divorcing parents. It is for those kids that F&CS’ Family Life Education department decided to expand the Helping Children Cope with Divorce program last year.

Historically through the HCCWD class, our staff teach parents how to negotiate a divorce while also helping their kids to cope with the situation. We now offer Rollercoasters as a companion to HCCWD. The four-hour program includes innovative activities, games, role-plays and discussions to help children with divorced or divorcing parents identify and understand their emotions, develop problem-solving skills and strategies for staying out of parental disputes, and learn to adjust to their changing situation.

Sarah Hetherington, Program Coordinator for Family Life Education, says, “Parents are really excited about this and often ask for more information after taking the Helping Children Cope with Divorce seminar – they say things like ‘if only you had this class for my kids.’ It’s exciting to tell them that we do have this for kids!”

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