Family & Children’s Services Early Childhood Programs are embedded in 13 Community Action Project (CAP) sites as well as working with the Hutcherson YMCA, Oklahoma Parents As Teachers, and Rosa Parks Early Childhood Center. The highly trained and professional staff provide family support and mental health services to families.

The ECP family support team delivers a wide-range of services that can offer your family opportunities for growth and assistance.  Many families are interested in supportive services such as:

  • signing up for entitlement programs,
  • GED classes,
  • English as a Second Language classes,
  • job training,
  • and housing resources.

The mental health team can provide assistance to your family in a variety ways, ranging from strengthening social skills and developing self control to solving problems on your own and improving the parent/child relationship. Services provided by the Mental Health Specialists may include:

  • classroom presentations related to social-emotional issues,
  • consultation, observation and follow-up with parents and teachers when concerns are identified for specific children,
  • as well as counseling for children and families at the school site.

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