This week, every CrisisCare Center client leaving to go home will do so carrying a beautiful hand-made bag.  These bags were generously donated to Family & Children’s Services all the way from Honduras.  Mi Esperanza is a non-profit located  in Tegucigalpa. Mi Esperanza, meaning “My Hope”, began in 2002.  Their mission is to provide assistance to the women in Tegucigalpa who live in extreme poverty.  They provide micro-loans for small business ventures and operate a school educating hundreds of women.  Through their work, women are finding stability and hope and breaking the cycle of poverty.

The work that Mi Esperanza does is awe inspiring and co-founder, Lori Connell is proud of all the women have accomplished.  Connell explained that one way the women bring in money is to make unique bags and sell them.  Connell learned about the work Family & Children’s Services does in the Tulsa community through her daughter.  On a trip home to the United States, Connell decided to donate 200 hand-made bags to our clients.  “When I dropped them off, I had no idea how they would be used,” Connell said.  “When I learned that they would be given to clients upon discharge from the CrisisCare Center, it seemed fitting.”  The bags will be given to clients as they leave to go home, bringing hope for the future.

Thank you to Lori Connell and Mi Esperanza for the work that you do in Honduras and for your generous and thoughtful donation.

To learn more about Mi Esperanza, visit their website.

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PHOTO: CrisisCare Center Discharge Planners, Adrian Reiss and Kris Stallard