On May 14, a dozen families were honored at the Systems of Care Wraparound graduation. F&CS staff and clients shared pizza, cake and memories of the time spent in the program. Each family and child’s accomplishments were celebrated and honored with gifts of handmade “wraparound” quilts.

Systems of Care (Wraparound) offers an unparalleled level of support to families in our community. The team works with clients to identify challenges and build integrated, multi-disciplinary teams to address the unique needs of each child and family. Program components include:

  • Individualized strategies for healthy function in the home, school and community at large
  • Assistance in creating or strengthening linkages to address life needs, including shelter, food, clothing, medical care and more
  • Youth-guided, youth-driven and youth-directed plans, meaning children and caregivers are fully informed about care and support options and take the lead on making treatment decisions

Learn more about this unique program HERE.

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