Our services have made a difference in countless families, and *Jed is one of them.  Jed is 12-years-old and during this school year he completed months of therapy in addition to meeting with one of our doctors to assess his medications.  The counseling, coupled with a change in Jed’s medication resulted in his success.  He no longer has negative interactions with school staff and is no longer given detention.  Jed told his therapist that he had decided to make better choices and that he didn’t want to be in trouble all the time anymore.  He completed the school year by turning in all his work and asking for help when he needed it instead of acting out.  Jed and his family, along with thousands of additional clients expresses gratitude each day for the amazing collaborative effort of our staff and the school personnel to assist students to be all they can be. Family & Children’s Services appreciates the partnership we share with schools in our community.  Together, we are making a difference.  Have a great summer! Click HERE to learn more about our Children’s Mental Health Services.



*Name and image changed to protect client privacy.