For the first time ever, the 2014 Brainiac Ball live auction will feature a piece of commissioned art by local artist, Kaylee Huerta. The canvas size, choice of still life or portrait, the medium and the model(s) are selected by the highest bidder.

Kaylee Live Auction Portrait

Tulsa artist Kaylee Huerta proudly shows one of her works of art.

About the artist:

Kaylee Huerta’s work examines relationships through explorations of space, surface, color and balance. It creates a layered experience that rewards the patient viewer with evolving visual discoveries. The work is meant to be representational, but not illustrative- descriptive without being literal. Huerta received her MFA from The University of Tulsa where she teaches continuing education. her work has been exhibited at the TAC Gallery, Living Arts of Tulsa, AHHA, Alexander Hogue Gallery and the Zarrow Center for Art.

Kaylee Art 1     Kaylee Art 2     Kaylee Art 3

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