When a five year old provides a teaching moment, it’s time to take notice.  The following story of kindness and generosity was recounted by Senior Program Director for Homeless Services Greer Fites.

“We had a very touching event at the Salvation Army office recently. A grandmother came in to the Salvation Army office lobby with her granddaughter, and asked if we received donations.  She said that her granddaughter, who looked about 5 or 6, had been saving all of her change since Christmas and wanted to donate it to the homeless. The little girl brought in a gallon-sized zip lock bag of change.  In addition, the grandmother said the girl also wanted to know if there was another little girl who would like her cabbage patch doll. Front desk staff happily received the items and asked for names and an address so we could send a formal thank  you note, but they declined to give any information.  Dacia did learn that the little girl’s name is Emily. The grandmother and granddaughter each left Family & Children’s Services with a thank you note and our gratitude.”

Emily’s donation of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, added up to $53.47.  this thoughtful gesture from a generous child and one we appreciate and admire very much. To Emily, we say “Thank You”!

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