A grant from The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation now makes it possible to provide resources and outreach services for the homeless population who frequent Tulsa City-County libraries. A full-time Family & Children’s Services homeless outreach case manager is now based at The Librarium, 1110 S. Denver Avenue. In addition to being headquartered at The Librarium, the case manager will rotate among the 23 branch libraries.

Senior Program Director for Homeless Services Greer Fites explains how one case worker can make a tremendous impact. “We know that the homeless congregate at libraries for shelter, resources and because it is a safe place. By embedding a homeless outreach case manager at the gathering point for people in need, we create an instant opportunity to make contact and share resources.”

In 2013, the part-time case manager position yielded 787 services for homeless clients. Fites says, “Based on last year’s results with a part-time employee and the fact that we now have a full-time position funded, we expect the interactions and services provided to only increase.” According to the 2014 Homeless Survey, Tulsa’s homeless population is 699. Of the nearly 700 homeless, 88% are adults and 12% are children. To be classified as homeless, the individuals surveyed were staying in a shelter or on the streets.

Services to be provided by the homeless outreach case manager;

  • Crisis intervention
  • Mental health treatment
  • Health services
  • Housing
  • Employment services

In addition, the case manager will educate and train library staff on crisis intervention, homeless and mental health issues, addiction and substance abuse. Tulsa City County Library Chief Operating Officer Laurie Sundborg said, “Having a case workers on site is an invaluable asset for both our staff and customers.”

Fites adds, “Libraries are a community resource and so is Family & Children’s Services. By embedding a homeless outreach case manager at The Librarium we are connecting directly with people who need our help the most.”


Your tax-deductible gift to Family & Children’s Services helps provide life-changing services to 1 in 6 Tulsans each year. Please consider making a donation today.

$100    Puts a roof over a homeless man’s head for one week

$250    Gives eight parents the opportunity to attend a six-week parenting education program

$500    Provides one day’s worth of crisis stabilization services at CrisisCare Center

$1000  One month of medication for a client suffering from bipolar and schizophrenia

$5000  Funds one year of specialized treatment for a child who has been sexually abused