Amanda Bradley doesn’t have a badge or carry a gun. But she’s a vital part of the Broken Arrow Police Department team, nonetheless.

Bradley, a therapist at Family & Children’s Services, has been embedded with the department since September 2010. Family & Children’s Services also has clinicians embedded in schools, the county jail and courthouse and other locations to help improve access. Click here to learn more about our wide range of community-based services. Therapist and Victims of Crime Advocate Amanda Bradley and Broken Arrow Police Chief David Boggs

As BAPD’s victims of crime advocate, a position funded through the District Attorneys Council Victims of Crime Act program, Bradley provides emotional support and information to people who’ve been impacted by crime and other tragic events. She’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond directly to the most heart-wrenching police scenes, such as fatal traffic accidents and suicides, and provides officers and victims assistance by phone, as well.

Bradley’s primary goal is to minimize the trauma victims experience after a violent crime. She accomplishes this in a number of ways, including “ensuring they feel safe in their environment, providing them with necessary information, helping them access detectives, prosecutors and other individuals working on their case; and allowing them to have a voice in their case,” said Bradley.

Last year, Bradley provided services to nearly 1,500 crime victims. She also reviewed – and continues to review – every police report filed and helps victims through the prosecution process. “Justice comes in many different forms,” explained Bradley. ”Part of my work involves helping people understand that and create and accept a new normal in their lives.”

Just a year into his job, Broken Arrow Police Chief David Boggs is continuing to learn about the community.

But his people-centric – rather than crime-focused – philosophy on law enforcement and how Bradley’s work fits into it is clear. “One of the things I learned quickly was the value of Amanda in our department,” said Boggs. “Her service is invaluable and has a real impact at the citizen level.”