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Archive for — August, 2012

Are You and Your Partner Speaking the Same Love Language?

Relationships can be hard work. And it’s even more challenging if you and your partner aren’t speaking the same language. Are you fluent in your partner’s love language? You can find out more by watching the video below or attending our free Forver. For Real. relationship class.    

Back-to-School: Working with Your Kid’s Teachers

Learning to work independently is an important skill for children to grasp. But that doesn’t mean kids should go it alone in the educational arena. To the contrary, children with involved parents do better in school. Carrie Little from Family & Children’s Services has information to help parents be the most effective educational advocates for
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Family & Children’s Services Joins With New Anti-Bullying Coalition To Protect Children

Family & Children’s Services and nine other community mental health and advocacy agencies have joined forces with Tulsa Public Schools to help battle bullying. The Prevent Bullying Tulsa effort kicked off at a press conference on August 13, where representatives discussed the serious impact bullying can have on children and the learning environment.   Click
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