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Archive for — July, 2012

Colorado Killings Could Traumatize Tulsans

By Gail Lapidus, Chief Executive Officer   It must have been surreal. Imagine sitting in a movie theater, expecting to watch an intense, action-packed film, only to find yourself in the middle of a massacre. That was what played out early Friday morning at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Twelve people
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Knocking Down Barriers

Sometimes the simple act of knocking on a door can save a life. That’s exactly what Serena StoaLaBarger, a mental health sspecialist at Family & Children’s Services, does to engage Tulsa Housing Authority residents through a contract with THA. And it’s working. In just two short months, she’s already begun treating 20 new mental health
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Dealing with Difficult People

Do you work with a “negative Nellie” or other difficult person? You can keep your cool when dealing with difficult people. Our own Carrie Little has tips on navigating the rough waters.    

Expert Shares Tips on Managing Anger, Emotions

Everyone gets angry from time to time. But uncontrolled anger can be highly destructive and impact relationships, property and your health. Carrie Little, director of education and community relations for Family & Children’s Services, has more information on anger management and how to keep your cool.    

Goodbye To Ecstasy and Weed – A Client’s Words

  Dear Ecstacy and Weed,   I’m not sorry this has to end. We were never happy; we just thought we were happy. You just happened to be there in that moment when I was 16, when I felt I needed help, felt lost, was confused and just needed some answers. We are always looking
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