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Archive for — June, 2012

Designed with the Child in Mind: Architecture that Enhances Healing

How a treatment facility looks and feels can greatly impact the clients receiving services. With no client group is this more important than childen who’ve been abused or suffered other traumas. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) recently talked to Family & Children’s Services about its Central office building and its process for designing
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Home is Where the Health Is — By Gail Lapidus, Chief Executive Officer

Raise your hand if you don’t know by now that Oklahoma is one of the least healthy states in the nation. Oklahomans eat too much, smoke too much and exercise too little. Our life expectancy is about three years shorter than the national average. And it’s much worse for Oklahomans with mental health disorders. Statics
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Strategies for a Successful Family Vacation

Before venturing out for a family vacation, smart parents plan ahead. In the video below, Carrie Little, director of education and community relations, shares tips to help make your summer trips tops.    

Ready for Change? — By Rebecca Noyes, Program Coordinator

We all know what anger is, and we’ve all felt it – whether as a flutter of irritation or full-fledged fury. Anger is a completely normal human reaction to stress, anxiety or fear. When anger turns destructive, it can impact and even destroy relationships, cause problems in the workplace and affect quality of life. Not
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Home Alone: Strategies for Keeping Kids Safe When You Aren’t There

What’s the right age to let kids stay at home alone? Carrie Little, director of education and community relations at Family & Children’s Services, helps parents answer the question.    

Raising a Good Sport – by Carrie Little, Director of Education and Community Relations

Playing sports is second nature to kids in Oklahoma. Because my husband is a former high school/middle school coach, sporting events always remind me of the great need for parents to model good behavior for their kids. Our kids learn behavior – good and bad – from us. And it’s not just what we say
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Having Fun in the Neighborhood: Are Kids Less Safe Today?

Summer is here – and for some kids, that means lots of unsupervised time. But is it safe for kids to have run of the neighborhood, like many did in the days of old? Parents and experts say things have changed. Click here to read the full story from Tulsa Kids magazine.